Minggu, 18 April 2010

Interfaith Cooperation Fellowship Churches Indonesia

Interfaith Cooperation Fellowship Churches Indonesia

It answers many bureaucratic problems that complicate the inter-church cooperation, PEKAGI building unity among the churches in Indonesia.

The originator and founder PEKAGI is the servant of God Paul Lumoindong deceased so that the struggle until the establishment PEKAGI increasingly close cooperation between the churches in Indonesia, in answering the challenges of ministry.

PEKAGI based in Galway after his death and then stalled for several years now since the year 2001 re-establish co-operation after David DS Lumoindong (son of Paul Lumoindong) garner cooperation among churches and service based in North Sulawesi.

under the coordination of David DS Lumoindong PEKAGI back up to form the Body of Christ ministry

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